A Moment of Joy and Creativity Hidden in the Lyrics of An Old School Tune

2 min readJul 28, 2022

I am grateful for the inspiration to create a life I want to live.

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“Because the seasons have changed
I’m gonna count my blessings (no more rain)
And just follow the sun ’cause you see
My sunshine has come”
— Angie Stone, Lyrics from No More Rain (In this Cloud)

Moments when you least expect it, you may recall the lyrics of an old tune that used to get you every time. You know the song that makes you stop dead in your tracks and close your eyes because it takes you back.

And even as it takes you back, it brings you to the present. In the present moment, you are grateful for how far you have come. You have put away childish things without abandoning your inner child, who still needs a little nurturing, care, and understanding.

Now, you remember a time when joy felt so far away. Joy felt like a destination you’d never reach. However, at this moment, as you soak up the sun, you become familiar with your potential.

Yes, this thing called creativity. It’s more than just colors, paints, poetry, song, and dance. Creativity is deliberate. Creativity explores possibilities. Creativity is magical and yet practical.

The same creativity that sparks the i-magi-nation and paints a picture is the same creativity that animates our dreams as we create the life we want to live.

I don’t know about you, but I choose happiness as the state of my being. Even during adversity, I choose happiness, joy, and peace. In the state of happiness, I am empowered by love and creativity. I follow the sun. I follow my bliss.

Accordingly, joy does not have to be a destination because joy is with me everywhere I go.

Fam, I’m curious. Has a song inspired you lately? What were the lyrics that inspired you the most?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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