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5 min readJan 13, 2022

Living is a soul trip. Life is poetry.

Carmellita isn’t a resume’ or a cliche’ she is a real person who loves to write, share stories, and touch hearts.
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Melanin rich and honeyed, butter brown syrupy — D.B. Mays, Black Lives, Lines, and Lyrics

I was born to two teen parents in Louisiana. They had to figure out parenthood and adulthood early in life. My mom learned quickly and well, it took my biological father a lot longer.

He eventually figured it out but by that time I was an adult and he was a father again. He finally got it right. When the sunset for him on December 18, 2018, I can honestly say he had become a good man and a good father but gone too soon.

Growing up in Louisiana in a small rural town, I lived with my grandparents for a while. They lived in a community where many of the people created homesteads. I saw my first white egg when I was 6 years old. When I visited my cousins in Dallas, Texas, I thought it was strange they didn’t have any fruit trees in their yards.

Yes, like most Louisianians of Color, I have Creole Heritage. Creole is not a race. Creole is an ethnic group and culture. I don’t speak Creole fluently (speak some), write it a bit, but I do understand it when I hear it.

When I knew I wanted to be a Writer




Writer, Poet, Storyteller, & Scholar. Co-founder of http://bluelotusliving.com. BA in Speech Communication. Former ghostwriter who came back to life.