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How to Get Up off the Floor. This Hard Life Lesson Will Empower You to Move Forward.

7 min readMar 19, 2022

Pick yourself up and give it another try. Let the floor be fun again.

“The Art of Resilience” designed by Author (Carmellita) in Canva

One of life’s most brilliant lessons is we will fail, and we can recover. The wisdom behind this empowering life lesson is our self-recovery process is just as important as our self-discovery process.

Our life journey contends failure is inevitable.

Still, we can choose to learn from failure and fail forward or give up. If we choose to give up, we never build the emotional and mental resilience necessary to move forward when things are tough, not going our way, or seemingly falling apart.

Life has given me many chances to learn the art of resilience and failing, and I appreciate each one.

Defeated, I kicked off my shoes one by one. Kicking off my shoes was all I could do in a moment when I wanted to punch, scream, shoot f-bombs like bullets — bullets aimed at who, what, myself?

With tears in my eyes, I thought about the 264 teens I was about to disappoint.

“I’ve F***ing failed,” I said under my breath (yep, an f-bomb). The lump in my throat fell in my…




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