Instagram is All About Reels for Now, But I’m Thinking About Microblogging There Anyway.

2 min readOct 30, 2021

I may be wasting my time, but it sounds like fun.

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Reels, Reels, Reels. Instagram is all about Reels, but I am thinking about microblogging on the platform. Instagram is crowded and noisy — I am aware, but I want to explore it.

I’ve had a few conversations on this platform with people about how I left social media for 8 years. Just stopped everything in 2013. I dropped in on Twitter on my old account maybe once or twice in 2017 (I can’t even log into my old Twitter and Facebook accounts anymore because I don’t have access to my old email account).

But mostly, during that time, I put my head down and wrote as a ghostwriter. In 2020, I lifted my head up from the computer screen after I wrote a post for someone (I can’t tell you who) that went viral. I should have been happy, but I nearly cried.

Shortly afterward, I wrote a speech for someone who sent me a video of their standing ovation. I nearly cried again.

I knew my career as a ghostwriter had to end.

I wanted people to hear my voice and know it was me. Maybe that’s vain, but I didn’t want to be a ghost anymore. I didn’t want to stand behind the curtain while someone else walked out on stage and took a bow — with my words.

Ghostwriting serves a purpose for writers. It really does. Still, I won’t be signing any more NDAs.

To that end, I want to build an audience and Instagram has readers on the platform. I want to build connections and community with other writers. Instagram has writers on its platform. Medium is beautiful and fun. I can’t say this enough.

And I’m here. I’m connecting. Since my output levels have increased, I know my activities on Instagram won’t slow me down on Medium. Nor will it slow me down as I build my blog.

Accordingly, my plan for Instagram is simple. Yes, of course, I will share images but with those pictures and photos, I’d like to engage in conversations. Conversations about soul evolution, personal growth, health, writing, and creativity. I’ll keep my peeps here updated on how things are going.

I’ll start my little experiment/challenge on November 2, 2021. That’s a real special day for me (wink, wink).

Tell me what you think. Do you think microblogging on Instagram is a waste of time? What advice do you have about engaging on Instagram, how often to post…


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