Spiritual Alchemy: When the Outer You Reflects Your Powerful Inner Work

5 min readJun 30, 2022

Let the outer you be a harmonic reflection of your powerful inner work.

“The Inner Work” Designed by Author (Carmellita) in Canva

Growing up, my mother and her sisters had a professional traveling gospel group called “The Brown Sisters” (not to be confused with the “Anointed Brown Sisters). They traveled throughout the Tex-Ark-La-Miss region of the United States (Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi).

The four-part harmony group would cover the Ol’ Ship of Zion style gospel music. They were backup singers for solo gospel artists and the opening act for various gospel singers and Gospel groups throughout the southern region of the United States.

And there was one particular song The Brown Sisters would sing quite often. The song was titled “Please be Patient with Me” and written by James Cleveland.

Here is an excerpt from the lyrics:

Please be patient with me
God is Not through with me yet x2
When God gets through with me
when God gets through with me
I shall come forth,
I shall come forth as pure gold (repeat)


If you should see me
and I’m not walking right
if you can hear me and I’m not talking right
please remember,
God is not through with me
When He gets through with me
I’ll be everything that He wants me to be

While my belief system and spiritual practice have evolved from a little wooden church on an old gravel road, I think about this song from time to time. I can still see my mother (who led the song) and her sisters singing it to crowds of church folk with their hands in the air.

Now, I understand the lyrics to be about spiritual transformation or what I call spiritual alchemy. Spiritual alchemy is when our souls transform and evolve to pure gold. It is the inner work we do to become the best and greatest version of ourselves.




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