The Last Day of March Wind

2 min readApr 2, 2023


Winter says goodbye as Spring takes center stage.

“Nature Gives Us Spring” designed by Carmellita (Author) in Canva

The last day of March wind powers
Bringing with it warm showers
Winter’s grip is loosening its hold
As springtime’s promise must unfold

Nature awakens from its slumber
Budding trees and blooming flowers
The air is fragrant with a floral scent
As the last day of March wind is spent

The world is reborn, refreshed abound
’Cause April’s soon to show her glory
The sound of birds chirps a symphony
Oh, how the last day of March wind calms me

The warmth returns, days grow long
A season inspires a unique story
We shed our coats, we sing a song
Thanks to the last day of March wind, strong

The wind whispers the promise of bloom
So let the wind blow, let it be heard
After rainstorms, the air’s so clean
The last day of March wind becomes but a dream

And the dream is realized under blue skies
For we welcome the renewal it has conferred
Life is replenished and restored
Revealing the last day of March wind’s reward.

Fam, I’m curious. What do you love about this time of the year?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

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