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The Lure of Lust or The Freedom of Fulfillment…

3 min readApr 13, 2022


Oh, there have always been two ways to beguile. Choose wisely.

Let wisdom lead the way in your life as you raise your consciousness.
Beguiled and Beguiled” designed by Author (Carmellita) in Canva

Wisdom shines the light in the dark places and with life experiences, wisdom breaches the walls of ignorance and shatters tendencies brought forth by the collective unconscious.

Let’s hold to Wisdom because her teachings are more valuable than diamonds and pearls. Beside her, Hope stands next to Destiny as they wash away fear and doubt. To despise Wisdom is to despise joy, fulfillment, inspiration, and creativity.

“Wisdom as Diamonds and Pearls” designed by Author (Carmellita) in Canva

Wrap her in your arms and respect her place in your life. Wisdom will be there when others devise their plans against you as well as when others embrace you with love and support.

She will shield you in good discernment and you will navigate the journey of self-knowledge in peace. She will teach you to detect life’s most precious gems from false flickers and tricks of light.

With this in heart and mind, I present to you…


Wisdom spoke effortlessly from her lips
as she raised her hands and put them on her hips
“Sit down,” she said “Let me tell you a story, Chile
There have always been two ways to beguile
One will thrill, invigorate, and delight
and the other will destroy everything in sight

Listen to what I say, it will matter
First, I will address the latter

When beguiled by false light in the shadows
love diminishes as despair grows
Like a fungus, desperation takes the helm
swallowing you into a lower realm
Your mind cast into oblivion
All you’ve done will be undone

The sickness in the abyss will devour you whole
then erase every story you’ve ever told




Writer, Poet, Storyteller, & Scholar. Co-founder of BA in Speech Communication. Former ghostwriter who came back to life.