Why Are So Many Blogs Abandoned?

7 min readOct 4, 2023

Disappointment? Dejection? Burnout? Do bloggers run out of things to say?

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From passion and hobby blogs to professional “niche-specific” blogs, there are millions of blogs that have been abandoned all over the internet. And I’m not referring to free blogs with a subdomain that reads myblog.theirblog.com. What I am referring to is www.thisismyblog.com.

Yes, I am referring to blogs where owners are still paying hosting fees, but haven’t updated the blog or responded to comments in years. Not only have they abandoned their blogs but the social media platforms associated with the blog have been abandoned too.

Now, as a blogger with my own website, I’m curious. What causes someone to abandon a blog?

Of course, there are many reasons ranging from:

  1. Burnout. Blogging can be a lot. It’s quite challenging. It can turn into a daily grind if you obsess over ranking higher for keywords, topical authority, and mastering Google’s “EEAT formula.”
  2. You can run out of stuff to say. You can “niche-down” too far. For example a “niche-specific” website and blog for women who love tacos 🌮🙆‍♀️. Okay maybe I could write stories, articles, recipes, and blog posts for this niche forever, but that’s because I really love tacos.
  3. While a blog has an extremely low start-up cost compared to other businesses, blogging is time-consuming and some bloggers want an ROI on their time faster.
  4. Oftentimes, bloggers stop and have plans to come back to their blog later. And perhaps, life happens.

Still, other reasons why blogs are abandon include:

➡️The hope of creating a 6-figure blog.

➡️You’re not writing articles. You’re running a business.

➡️ “Hit the ground running” won’t work for blogging; again, it’s a business. It’s writing. And writing is not a hustle.

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