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The Flower of Life

2 min readJul 1, 2022


The Flower of Life is a sacred geometric symbol of creation. Can you see the patterns of your life? A Poem and Essay.

The Flower of Life is a poem by Carmellita. Enjoy poetry from Carmellita
“The Flower of Life” designed by Author (Carmellita) in Canva

Life and creation are happening all around us. And it’s not slowing down because we’ve got sh*t to do. We may miss the beauty of its cycles, turns, twists, coils, and spins because we have the wrong perception of living, thriving, and creating.

Still, life goes on.

From time to time, those of us on our spiritual growth and self-awareness journey may stop and contemplate the patterns we see. And we understand life and creation are speaking to us and re(mind)ing us that life is short but eternal.

Contemplate that for a minute.

In the meantime, I present to you,

The Flower of Life

Circles, they go-'round and ‘round
A perfect number for a perfect sound
Do we really need suffering and strife?
What will happen if we follow the flower of life?
Time travel, we do it every day
A beautiful vision of life on display
In a time loop, love spoils and curdles
If we jump and leap, the same hurdles

But before we lose faith and concede
We have the unction to plant a seed

The flower of life expands and grows
We rise higher from our lowest lows
We discover truth we must decipher
We discover the fruit is much the riper
Marveling as our dreams come true
Spiraling the patterns of the real you
A rhythm in mind no other can create
A wisdom in time we’re never too late

Pardon and forgive those who do not know
Lay down your burdens, let them go

Release the debtors
Relieve the fetters
Become light
We are light

Spin as hope in you can devour your strife
Dance as you imbue the flower of life.

I hope you enjoyed my poem, The Flower of Life.

Fam, you know I’m curious. Do you see any repetitive patterns in your life? Are these patterns you want to disrupt or change?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments.




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