Why Are You Hustling? Writing Isn't a Hustle.

5 min readJun 24, 2022

You can't grow an audience and build a successful writing career or business hustling content online. But you can…

Hustle hard and fail fast. Woman in chair is exhausted from hustling all day. She has collapsed in her chair with her eyes closed. Emoji in the corner is exhausted as well.
"Hustle to Fail" Designed by Author (Carmellita) in Canva

You can't hustle the writing process. Let's make this clear before I begin. Writing takes time. Writing requires focus. And writing can be challenging if you haven't learned specific skills and techniques.

If you want to get better at writing, you must write daily or almost daily, study writing, and, yes, tweak your writing process from time to time as you grow. The writing style I practiced ten years ago as a writer isn't the writing style I practice today. My work has evolved.

Yes, I developed a daily writing practice 17 years ago, and guess what? I'm still learning.

A Little Thing Called Humility

A writer with a long career will tell you the same thing. Writing requires discipline and a certain level of humility you can't explain to anyone else but another writer. You may be pleased with a work, a story, a piece, a poem, a novel, but you never take the attitude that you've mastered writing. Never.

So, it is infuriating when a writer sees another individual treating the gift and art of writing like something you hustle on the street.

On the other hand, as writers, we can't assume that a content creator isn't a real writer. Why? We can't make that assumption because it's hypocritical, and it's hypocritical because if you are writing for this platform, you are a content creator too.

Content Creators partner with social media platforms to provide content. Notice how this platform calls you a creator?

Yes, here on this social media platform designed as a forum to connect writers and readers through insightful stories, you are referred to as a creator.

Misplaced Frustration

The frustration you feel when you see someone splatter the same content over and over again, change the title, and rearrange a few paragraphs is by all means justified.

Still, the problem isn't content creators. The problem is the hustlers.

A dedicated content creator takes pride in their work. They want to offer value, earn their…




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